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15-Dec-2017 12:07

Motivation for me was never really an issue, it was probably in fact a drawback as I would over train cause I was so eager and I was never afraid to work too hard.

So not too many challenges – obviously, coming from South Africa you’ve got funding issues and politics, not politics as far as a race, politics more within an organisation and people playing favourites.

It was a fabulous day of world-class fashion, polo and luxury lifestyle at the annual Cintron Pink Polo at Val de Vie Estate last weekend – all in aid of raising awareness and funds for breast cancer charities. From a marketing point of view the estate is so diverse.

After I graduated from university in America I worked in property development, so property has been a passion of mine for quite some time.I think you’re biggest challenges is to get faster so you have to push yourself consistently, as you improve the rest of the world is also improving so it’s how to balance your own goals with competing against other guys as well.To always keep on improving, it wasn’t a challenge for me but it is an important thing for anyone to never be satisfied with the status quo to see how they can always improve them.People always ask me if I miss the swimming…not really because I’ve translated that competitive element into business.

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I think one of the things that swimming really teaches you from an early age is how to manage your time.

Here at Val de Vie we mainly develop residential property.

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