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07-Jul-2017 05:18

The problem, of course, is pushing women into mediation. If I look at this as a former attorney, this is kind of pushing -- you don't really want to file this.


I know Congresswoman Speier, who I usually don't agree with on much, but she's right on this.

They want to get rid of that wait time for being able to push through and actually file an actual complaint. If you remove that rule and make the congressman either get employment, defense insurance or made them pay out their campaign PAC funds and stuff. That's another thing I am a little bit worried about here.

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And some major developing stories for you on other fronts.And why are immigration agents complaining about the president? Attorney General Jeff Sessions testified today before Congress about possible investigations into Hillary Clinton and that Uranium One deal. Sexual misconduct scandals have engulfed Hollywood, media, and now politics with the Roy Moore revelations. It's .2 million and this is started by a senator I really respect and admire, Chuck Grassley, what was the thinking behind this?But did you know that you've been funding payoffs for congressional harassment claims for decades. We'll go through the procedures that women have to go through.As opposed to pulling the sheets off of it, if you will, and say, listen, we have a problem. INGRAHAM: So, now the Senate is working on mandatory sexual harassment training in the Senate.

I think the Republicans and the Democrats on the Hill have a chance to lead by fixing this. The House still hasn't really been able to push through changes.

Within the mediation, it's also a counseling pieces and when I first read this, I said, what are they counseling the women on?