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SSHURSA notes with (...) Reactions to government agencies’ conspiracy against Greater Bor community By Manyok Abraham Thuch & Kuch Kuol Deng A monkey business or a donkey business in the government of the republic of South Sudan against the citizens is unacceptable.

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» You may ask the Sudanese about their family and relatives.

It is not a good idea to go into details when it comes to family and bear in mind that family means not only your wife, husband and kids but also your extended family, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, etc.

Talk of family and children are usually safe, although in areas where polygamy is common, monogamy may be viewed as humorous!

Be prepared to laugh with the people, especially when you are the subject of the joke.

Ali In less than a year of so-called and supposed “engagement” with his former enemies, Sudan's President General Omar Hassan Ahmed Al-Basheer—an ICC indictee and international (...) Ethiopia’s Renaissance Dam and its impact on Sudanese water security By Saifeldin Yousif Saeed National security no longer refers only to the power of the military state, but also to its economic strength and its ability to preserve its natural resources and (...) Sayed Bona Malwal: A Sudanese Desperately Dreaming of Re-annexing South Sudan to Sudan By Justice Deng Biong Recently, Sayed (Mr.

in Arabic) Bona Malwal held a press conference in Khartoum on December, 4th, 2017, where he said, inter alia, that Abyei is part of Sudan and that it (...) MORE THE INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS DAY: 10 DECEMBER 2017: SSHURSA CALLS ON ALL TO ACTION FOR SOUTH SUDANESE The 10 December usually marks the international human rights day.

Southern Sudanese have rarely seen vehicles, are unfamiliar with paved roads and shopping malls, rarely have currency (bartering is still very common), and cannot imagine the many technological realities of the western world.Sudanese are similar to Canadians when it comes to communication issues.