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27-Jun-2017 13:41

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In ‘Christ Driving the Money Changers from the Temple’ the central figure, Jesus, is directly inspired by a wood engraving by Durer from 1508,’ explains the Christie’s specialist.

Rembrandt’s genius also expressed itself in his very sombre engravings through an infinitude of black lines which allowed luminosity, in places, to pierce through like with ‘The Descent from the Cross’ from 1654 (estimate 51,000 euros).

- ENJOY pleasing music and vivid sound effect.===Story===Do you believe in MAGIC?

When your grandmother passes away, you learn that you are actually a witch?! Don't pet him if you want your fingers attached to your hand!The more times it passed over the plate, the more the impression tended to lose its finer subtleties. After the artist’s death, it was not unheard of for other hands in their turn to work on the proof to give it a new life.