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Mr Rawlins explains this is significant: ‘I treat children for scar revisions — as they grow, the scar gets tight and it can cause not only pain and poor range of movement but psychological trauma.’For Zed, the treatment has been an amazing success.‘I can see some faint marks on his chest but most people wouldn’t see anything,’ says Nicky.‘When I heard the screams, adrenaline took over; I threw a jug of cold water over his chest, my mum got his T-shirt off and we got him to the bathroom, where I was hosing him down with cold water.‘We covered him in cold, wet towels.I was wearing a fluffy black jumper and I can still remember that fluff was sticking to his chest where he was burned.’But her instinct to cool the burn was correct.A third-degree burn — the worst kind — is when the damage has been sustained to the full thickness of the skin.‘The doctors started talking about a new therapy for burns,’ says Nicky.‘I agreed straight away.’Zed was treated by Jeremy Rawlins, a consultant plastic surgeon who has helped pioneer the use of the therapy, called Re Cell, made by Avita Medical.It is placed in a battery-powered device the size of a lunchbox in a special solution containing enzymes that make the cells proliferate — within half an hour this creates enough ‘spray-on’ skin to cover an adult male torso.

Are you a trucker dogging up and down the motorway?Well, when you register you will be asked to fill in some personal information which will be used to attract potential partners.

Rich was pleased to pay for thats as Fields playhouse.… continue reading »

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Its full-screen layout animates its pretty backgrounds beautifully, presenting pressure, visibility, rain and humidity data on its lovely clock face.… continue reading »

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Initially, it was designed solely as a rewrite of UBB, in PHP using My SQL, and was meant only for their own forum.… continue reading »

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