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Personally, I think the idea of meeting people online and potentially getting to know them to a degree at a distance is the most reasonable option.There are apps like Tinder that are (as I understand) used mostly for hookup purposes.There are many theories, however, about the possible causes of schizoid personality disorder.Most professionals subscribe to a biopsychosocial model of causation — that is, the causes are likely due to biological and genetic factors, social factors (such as how a person interacts in their early development with their family and friends and other children), and psychological factors (the individual’s personality and temperament, shaped by their environment and learned coping skills to deal with stress).Employment or work functioning may be impaired, particularly if interpersonal involvement is required, but individuals with this disorder may do well when they work under conditions of social isolation.A personality disorder is an enduring pattern of inner experience and behavior that deviates from the norm of the individual’s culture.

Family physicians and general practitioners are generally not trained or well-equipped to make this type of psychological diagnosis.

This suggests that no single factor is responsible — rather, it is the complex and likely intertwined nature of all three factors that are important.

If a person has this personality disorder, research suggests that there is a slightly increased risk for this disorder to be “passed down” to their children.

They will make a determination whether your symptoms meet the criteria necessary for a personality disorder diagnosis.

Researchers today don’t know what causes schizoid personality disorder.

A person with this disorder may appear to lack a desire for intimacy, and will avoid close relationships with others.