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10-Nov-2017 12:46

The brush rotates rapidly, and contains a jet of water and soap.Once it’s done cleaning – a process which takes just 90 seconds, the brush then cleans itself, to eliminate up to 99.99 percent of the lingering bacteria. The Spin X toilet-cleaning robot was devised by Ariel Ben-Amram and Hila Ben-Amram, who have four children, to put an end to the dreaded task.This improved EVE Mining Bot Macro Miner comes with all the top features and reliability you have come to expect from the classic Tiny Miner and in addition to that it supports TWO EVE Online clients at the same time, on the same PC for a total and complete Mining Extravaganza!NEW: The ultimate collection of EVE Online Bonus Guides yours to keep!Super Early Bird backers can get it for 9, though it appears the robot will eventually cost around 0.A video demonstrating the technology shows how a robotic arm concealed in the smart toilet seat lowers down into the bowl once activated.

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A pair of frustrated parents, with the help of engineers and designers, have developed a new device that could put an end to one of the most dreaded household chores.

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Its battery lasts 30 sessions before it needs to be recharged.

At this time, you can also replace the soap‘In other words, hygiene has to be above all.While robots exist to make most other daily chores easier, from the dishwasher to the Roomba, no such robot exists that will clean your toilet, the video explains.‘Most of the people will agree that when it comes to cleaning the toilet we must not compromise and be lazy because it is one of the areas that get dirty on a daily basis, accumulate bacteria and unpleasant odors,’ the campaign explains.

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