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Almost double the number is that of Namadhari Naiks, the OBC's who were typical landless labourers till Indiragandhi or Devraj Aras whosoever did the land reform - despite the reforms they havent done anything better for themselves.Similar number is that of Gauda's - Rajnish says they are scheduled tribes, I did not know that, but they are a couple of notch below Naiks.I was joined by my mama, uncle, a Konkani brahmin, a poor man who leaves on monthly pension given by government plus money given my my aunt etc. His grand father owned half the town, and was called Rao Bahadur by the British for huge tax payments.

These Namadharis, Gaudas, Gunagas have established themselves a place very close to the God, Ammanavaru - about fifty of these people get bhaara, the holy spirit of God in their body during the car festival called Bandi habba with no car.

Before the meal, when I stood for the Betala-Bhara-prasad-Q, I asked him to join.

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