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09-Jun-2017 18:10

It's soooo obvious with Kevin's hilarious commentary on Hyungshik, and I suspect Mir and Jei are seeing each other too... For season 2, I was trying to figure out who ends up where... The only couple I'm really satisfied with is Mir & Jei. PS mods may we please have a tag for The Romantic & Idol?? However this scripted ass show got me in my feelings. There is no way JB wants to be a couple with Seungah, & I know Seungah is not that naive to think JB wants to be a couple with her.Yewon and minhyuk at the bridge, at the stairs, jonghun in the art gallery, and N in the crowd. They seemed legit for the show, it would be nice if they were actually dating. Except after the preview I am shipping Minhyuk and Yewon lolol Season one's last episode was pissing me off, but then I saw the preview for Season two & my heart's all warm and fuzzy. I thought it was really funny when Hyungshik said something along the lines of "if you meet someone, it's fate! I agree that I hope they all get to date everyone this time! I really hope that the Season 2 cast doesn't have a "fate couple" from the start, as it limits the interactions between the idols.i hope the boys dont prejudge her for that.i think i want jonghoon and together, because i really like theyd have crazy skinship lol. that run was adorable and her chiding him for taking so long despite having long legs. i loveddd the cardigan montage from the other episode!and lmaaaao, i want to see yewon when she knows BTOB's minhyuk is on the show. they are hella awk together but i think it's because SHE'S awk.

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itll be interesting to see yewon on here, because shes got such a pathetic image on other variety shows. ive always thought that as a group average, ft island had the best looking members.i was sooo emotional when mir got emotional, it was ridiculous. it's so sad to me that omonazens don't like him :(ya i was going to skip jihyun/hyungshik too lmao. I'm so glad everyone hit JB and yelled at him for being an ass. ^^I felt so bad for Seungah, she was really hurt by all of this. The end was so anticlimactic : C Except for the part of JB choosing Seungah nothing really interesting or unpredictable happened. As for the next season I don't really know most of the cast so we'll see whether I watch it or not, I prob will to procrastinate if nothing else :3Personally I think they might have done something ~scandalous in the prior episode when the PD disclosed they saw a secret rendezvous between the two of them.... It seems like the idols were forced to pick someone and not picking was not an option.

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