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The key to building wealthy over time is CONSISTENCY.

Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway has "only" averaged 16% returns but he's been doing it for 50 years, allowing his initial investors to make 10,000 x returns on their invesments. It starts in year one with a 16% return and 0,000 becomes 6,000 and then 6,000 becomes 4,000 which becomes 6,000 in year 3 and then 1,000 after 4 years and finally, in year 5, you get to say you've doubled up.

As you can see, we still have all of our cash on the sidelines as the well-hedged positions we picked up have been cash-positive for us so far – we haven't been confident enough to take big risks yet.

Our 0,000 Options Opportunity Portfolio, which you can follow at Seeking Alpha, is only up 3.3% because we're down 0 on our TZA hedge while, in the 0,000 LTP, CASH!!!

by ilene - January 12th, 2018 pm Courtesy of Joshua M Brown Here’s something you may not have known – that massive protest in Iran was initially caused by a financial fraud that wiped out people’s savings when they thought the central bank had their back and it didn’t…

Via the Wall Street Journal: The call to protest came through a group channel on the smartphone app Telegram.

And then there’s outright theft of funds and other crimes and for the middle classes who’d had their money wiped out, there was no recourse.

And while these are privatized investment firms, they still have all sorts of connections to the clerics and elements of the Revolutionary Guard.

And, of course, anyone who says they have a better system is LYING to you because, after 50 years of measuring, no investor on this planet is richer than Warren Buffett so it's Warren Buffett's model we pursue, picking up good stocks at good prices and building…

The firm was offering returns of up to 27%, up to 15 percentage points higher than banks were offering.

When you’re putting in your search criteria, and it’s coming back ‘no matches found,’ that’s a bummer.” To find the most popular options, we turned to Alexa, a web-traffic analytics company.… continue reading »

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California Highway Patrol’s Chipmunk Chipper will help both drivers and non-drivers take a distracted driving pledge.… continue reading »

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While God use such relationships for evangelism, the Bible says our most important relationships should be with fellow believers.… continue reading »

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There a couple of things one can do to meet people, particularly if over 40. Eat out, grab coffee, and hang out at different places each week.… continue reading »

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