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His known friends had nearly all been educated there and he supported William Laud and the High Church party during the Civil War.Later in his life, between 16, he acquired a Medicinae Doctor (M. In 1634 he married a woman known only as the "Widow of Middleton" who predeceased him.Francis Bacon had described gestures as "Transient Hieroglyphics" and suggested that Gesture should be the focus of a new scientific enquiry, Bulwer was the first to undertake the task.For Bulwer Gesture was a universal character of Reason.

Chironomia is a manual for the effective use of Gesture in public speaking. Exhibiting the philosophicall verity of that subtile art, which may inable one with an observant eie, to heare what any man speaks by the moving of his lips. surnamed the Chirosopher London: Humphrey Moseley 1648.Some evidence comes from the account given by Sir Kenelm Digby of a meeting between the Prince of Wales and a deaf Spanish nobleman, Don Luis Velasco.As well as drawing heavily on this account, he also collects information about deaf people living in Britain at that time.The handshapes described in Chirologia are still used in British Sign Language.

Bulwer does mention fingerspelling describing how "the ancients did...order an alphabet upon the joints of their fingers...showing those letters by a distinct and grammatical succession", in addition to their use as mnemonic devices Bulwer suggest that manual alphabets could be "ordered to serve for privy ciphers for any secret intimation" (Chironomia, p149).

In addition to a useful bibliography, there is an index locorum and a general index.