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Chris, like everyone else, was in awe of Pattie Boyd. She was engaged to him for some time and after the broke up, she sued him for palimony.

At first, Pattie was reserved towards her & it was normal : The Beatle Wives were very protective of their husbands and understandably so. In fact, Maureen was icy-cold with Chris at first, when she saw him talking with her husband. Some say he cheated on her with future wife Barbara Bach. I was working away in different theatres at the time but if I was back home then we would go out.

Pattie used to say what are you doing what about your children ? And Maureen said that she was going to the studio to see George. Pattie then phoned Ringo to tell him that every night he was asking hiself where his wife was, she was with George ! Pattie knocked on the door and George answered, grinning, saying that Maureen had to lay down. George had already cheated on her with a bevy of beauties, and sometimes in front of her in her own house.

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he was very good friends with John but I knew he was coming to see me.

Then, when things were tense in the Starkey marriage, Ringo decided to vacay in the USAs to have a little peace. She took more than care of him, she started sleeping with him. Ringo with Shelley Duvall & Lynsey De Paul De Paul is an English singer-songwriter who was popular during the 70s. Ringo was the inspiration behind her prophetic song ''If I don't get you, the next one will''. "Paul and I dated for a couple of years," recalled Iris, "It was never that serious. There were never any promises made or love declared." The couple were together for twelve months, and after six months they were considered serious enough to be "going steady".