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What's more is that the gateway will only be open for another three days.When the moon reaches its peak in the night sky at that time, the gateway will close, and it will be another thirty moons before Twilight can use it to return to Equestria.Unfortunately, such a task has its share of complications.For one, Twilight must go alone, as sending her with all of her friends could upset the balance of the other world and complicate her mission further.When Twilight asks where Sunset fled to, the other princesses show her and her friends to the mirror.

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With a wicked grin and a sarcastic, insincere apology, the mystery mare untangles herself from Twilight by teleporting to the mirror and leaps through it, to Twilight and her friends' shock.

Princess Twilight Sparkle's crown, the element of magic, is stolen by Sunset Shimmer who disappears into a mirror that leads into the human world.