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19-Sep-2017 04:59

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It was about three hours later when Tesco store assistant Blair, wearing a mask, crept in to the room and poured petrol on to the bed and directly on to his brother, the High Court in Edinburgh heard.

The court was told that the brothers' mother Catherine, 55, had come downstairs at that time after being woken by the sound of the family dog whining.

Publishing in the Lancet medical journal, researchers said the promotion of diesel cars by previous governments was a ‘key driver’ behind the problems.

They warned dirty air damaged health ‘from cradle to grave’ – exposing tens of millions of Britons to the risk of heart problems and lung disease.

Psychology student Cameron Logan was doused in petrol then set alight by his older brother Blair at their parents' home on New Year's Day.

Mel Evans, clean air campaigner at Greenpeace, said: ‘Air pollution in the UK is at illegal levels in many parts of the country, and yet despite all the evidence that links this pollution to very serious and life-threatening illness, action to reduce air pollution remains wholly inadequate.‘In order to make our air clean and safe to breathe, we need both the government and car industry to take urgent action on diesel pollution. Toxic air is killing people in nearly every part of the UK, a report published yesterday suggested.Pollution levels in 43 of our largest towns and cities are so high they breach global safety limits.

After several days, the chat pop-ups stopped arriving from women and started arriving (almost, but not quite) exclusively from women (more on this site and others in the family later), as evidenced by both the physical appearances of the women and the chat links, which were to pages in the domain.… continue reading »

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