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11-Oct-2017 02:05

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The son of late Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington has released three videos for National Suicide Prevention Week in the wake of his father's suicide this past July.

Draven Bennington, 15, appears alone in one video, alongside his mother and the singer's first wife Samantha in the second video and for the final video in the series discusses suicide warning signs with Angelica Guajardo, a local marriage and family therapist.'Hi, I'm Draven Bennington, and I'm here on National Suicide Prevention Week,' says the teenager in the first video, while the music to his father's hit song 'Numb' plays in the background..

Friends and family of Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington are in absolute 'shock' over the rock star's apparent suicide as it's revealed they believed he 'was in a good place in his life'.

The 41-year-old was found dead in his home in Palos Verdes near Los Angeles shortly before 9am on Thursday.

At taht point he pauses to discuss the fact that his father did open up towards the end.'He did a little bit, but then he covered up a lot.

He opened up and then he started changing his attitude, he started working out more and you could see him really fit and happy,' explains Draven.'It didn't seem like he was as depressed as he was.' Mad: Samantha (left with Chester in 2002) previously lashed out at Chester's wife Talinda (right with the couple's daughter) for hosting a 'disgusting' funeral that made no mention of her son or Chester's early life This is one of the first times that Draven is speaking out since his father's death, while his mother Samantha posted a tribute to he ex-husband soon after his death.

It sucks.'Take note: The third video, released on the third day of National Suicide Prevention Week, is a discussion of warning signs between Draven (above with his father as a young boy) and therapist Angelica Guajardo The third video is a discussion of suicide warning signs between Draven and Guajardo, which was released on Wednesday, the third day of National Suicide Prevention Week.

The friend of Bennington's also noted that Cornell's death deeply affected Bennington, who also struggled with 'addiction issues'.'But everyone thought that he had it licked. It is just so tragic and there are no words,' the friend told Radar.

His bandmates were said to be blindsided by Chester's suicide with sources telling TMZ they had plans to attend a photo shoot in Hollywood later on Thursday.

One Linkin Park band member went to pick him up on Thursday morning but arrived to find police already at his home.

She also reveals that it was at that restaurant where she and Draven last saw Chester together, having dinner with him on April 19 for the teenager's birthday.

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Samantha and Chetser were married for 9 years, from 1996 to 2005, and Draven is their only son.Samantha also used social media to lash out at Chester's wife of 12 years Talinda in a post back in August.